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Family Ministry

Strategic Objective: To strengthen the institution of family and marriage through structured comprehensive programs Strategies: Develop and implement comprehensive marriage and family programs – family discipleship and mentorship to be core functions Increase participation of married couples in marriage enrichment programs Standardize premarital counselling programs and follow up the couples to ensure sustainable marriages Design and implement comprehensive programs for widowers, widows, orphans, senior singles and other groups with special needs Design and implement a comprehensive parenting, teaching and training…

Men’s Ministry

Strategic objective: Develop an effective and transformational ministry for Men. Strategies: Develop and implement comprehensive fellowship programs for the men in the PCU Increase participation of all groups in church programs Standardize tailored approaches and guidelines for targeted ministry for all these groups such as retirement planning for the elderly. Set up ministry sub committees for these groups in the PCU

Women’s Ministry

Background PCU women and children department was instituted in May 2012 to coordinate the activities of children and women with in the Presbyterian Church in Uganda. The department is mandated to make disciples for Christ among the women and children. The department strives to make Christ personally known so that His gospel of grace impacts the lives of women and children as they understand their positions and potentials in Christ. The Department was led by Ms. Catherine Nattabi from the…

Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministries supports parents and families as they raise their children in the faith. We love to share with children how much God loves them. And we have a lot of fun while we’re at it! Strategic Objective: To raise a God-fearing generation of children and pre-teens who know and can ably explain confidently what they believe in and why. Strategies: Recruit, develop and deploy Elders with a definite call and requisite skillset in children ministry Benchmark with international best…

Elderly Ministry

Help-for-the-Elderly To better understand Evangelism for the PCU met with a few Pastors and Ministry Leaders who are involved with ministry to the Elderly to get their views and input in understanding how to ministry to these very special people.  

Education & School Ministry

Jesus is Life. A growing faith in Him gives you life. Are you ready to walk the journey of faith with friends who care about you? If you’re looking for a community of  students to connect with, to explore questions about life and faith together and to pursue Jesus in real and authentic ways, contact us! You can fill out the connect form at the bottom of this page. We have fun events and outings planned throughout the year, and we’d…

Mercy Ministry

Find your circle. Your people. Your community. The body of Christ is at its best when we find our circle of people with whom we can live life and grow in Christ. Strategic Objective: To develop and implement a biblical response to matters Social Action, Advocacy and Governance

Youth Ministry

Making disciples in the Way of Jesus We believe God is awakening something new in our generation. Together we’re growing to know and love Jesus better, and we’re creating space for community to spring up and take root. Strategic Objective: To attract, retain and equip unemployed youth, high school leavers, ex-candidates, college, and university students to be effective agents of transformation in their spheres of influence.. Strategies: Recruit, develop and deploy leaders with a definite call and requisite skillset in teens and youth ministry…


Gospel Evangelism, Discipleship and Fellowship Strategic Objective  To enhance growth, transformation, and multiplication of believers through intentional discipleship Strategies: Develop a comprehensive mechanism to increase members’ participation in PCU ministries. Entrench and nurture holistic stewardship among PCU members. Strengthen research and publication of discipleship (Christian Education Department) materials Empower small groups as a platform for discipleship and pastoral care Develop ministry leaders and staff for effective ministry and service Maximize use of media as a platform for discipleship initiatives Develop…