Education & School Ministry

Education & School Ministry

Jesus is Life.

A growing faith in Him gives you life. Are you ready to walk the journey of faith with friends who care about you?

If you’re looking for a community of  students to connect with, to explore questions about life and faith together and to pursue Jesus in real and authentic ways, contact us! You can fill out the connect form at the bottom of this page. We have fun events and outings planned throughout the year, and we’d love for you to be involved!

Strategic Objective:

To raise a generation of God-fearing leaders with academic excellence and spiritual maturity


  1. In the auspices of the Westminster Christian Institute Uganda, develop a culture of excellent academic performance purposefully to attract and retain clientele
  2. Attain a full charter for the Institute
  • Increase the program portfolio being offered at the institute
  1. Attain sustainable financial independence for all PCU education programmes
  2. Develop and implement a faculty/staff-training programme for all education programmes at PCU inclusive of mobile theological training for church leaders (MSOT), kindergarten, primary, secondary, theological and vocational on sound biblical doctrine that effectively integrates faith and learning.
  3. Strengthen the MSOT training program delivery through the establishment of regional training centers
  • Equip the MSOT programme with the relevant supportive functions and structures to facilitate improved service delivery
  • Development of self-help projects as part of the MSOT programme to facilitate activities and support livelihoods of designated facilitators
  1. Develop and implement an expansion plan for the MSOT programme nationally and regionally
  2. Establish and equip all education/learning programmes at PCU with modern learning resources
  3. Strengthen the delivery of Christian based learning within supported education/learning programmes at PCU
  • Develop and implement a marketing strategy for our education/learning programmes
  • Develop a mechanism to identify and nurture potential within all the PCU education/learning programmes

Benchmark with like-minded institutions to establish partnership and exchange programmes where relevant for faculty/teaching staff and learners and facilitate adoption of best practices