Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry


PCU women and children department was instituted in May 2012 to coordinate the activities of children and women with in the Presbyterian Church in Uganda. The department is mandated to make disciples for Christ among the women and children. The department strives to make Christ personally known so that His gospel of grace impacts the lives of women and children as they understand their positions and potentials in Christ.

The Department was led by Ms. Catherine Nattabi from the time of establishment to 31st December 2018. It is now led by Mrs.

Aneno Sarah Ochola who has also been actively involved in both children’s and women’s ministries. Sarah has a Diploma in Clinical Orthopedics. She is completing her Bachelors of Arts in Theological studies and will be graduating 31st May 2019 at Westminster Christian Institute Uganda.


The Department is in a transition phase as it experiences change in head of department. It is also moving from the previous strategic plan to embrace the 2018- 2028 strategic plan. These changes have slight implications on the activities of the department. The new head of department being a student completing her studies has also affected the work of the department as her involvement has been minimal.


This period January to May 2019 the PCU women and children department organized, coordinated and conducted the following activities by God’s grace.

  1. Women leaders planning retreat
  2. Sunday school teachers’ representative planning retreat
  3. Theological studies
  4. Partnership and Networking