Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

Making disciples in the Way of Jesus

We believe God is awakening something new in our generation. Together we’re growing to know and love Jesus better, and we’re creating space for community to spring up and take root.

Strategic Objective:

To attract, retain and equip unemployed youth, high school leavers, ex-candidates, college, and university students to be effective agents of transformation in their spheres of influence..


  1. Recruit, develop and deploy leaders with a definite call and requisite skillset in teens and youth ministry for every PCU church
  2. Benchmark with international best practice in youth ministry
  • Mainstream The Safari discipleship tool in youth ministry
  1. Engage with parents and guardians as key stakeholders for support, guidance and formation
  2. Pursue strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations
  3. Mobilize participation of adult youth workers
  • Maximize the use of electronic media as a platform for outreach and discipleship
  • Modernize all the sanctuaries with current multi-media equipment
  1. Deliberately identify and engage teens/youth in regular ministry and relevant assembly leadership decision-making processes
  2. Incorporate youth programming into PCU Leadership organs
  3. Develop and implement a comprehensive mentoring programme